Well, it happened – Kyoto AirBnB

I was concerned it, but…one of our reservations did cancel as we near June 15th. Our host in Kyoto contacted me this morning to let me know she would not be able to honor our reservation due to the new law. I am grateful she let me know so quickly, because I was able to get a new reservation quickly.

We will now be staying a location that is run by a hotel group, and as such – 100% has the license needed. I was sad at first about having to move locations for two reasons: 1) the location is not as close to certain attractions I wanted to be near, and 2) no kotatsu!!! I am also waiting to see if there is a possibility of having a place to park bicycles if I rent them for our stay. The last AirBnB we were at included them with the reservation, and I was really hoping to use them to get around.

However, I found out we are only a three minute walk from a hot spring and one minute from a well-known ramen place, and…well, I’m not happy but I could be a lot more mad. I am a sucker for onsens AND ramen. Our host also gave us a list of recommendations for nearby locations to check out beyond these two stops.

I just hope our locations for Tokyo and Osaka stay booked without any difficulties. I reached out to my hosts to find out if they plan to go over the license. Let’s hope I get positive responses!


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