Another Instance – Osaka AirBnB


With the ongoing changes and two cancellations under my belt (the first location we booked in Tokyo cancelled before I even started this blog), I decided to reach out to my existing reservations. My Tokyo host has still not answered which is…concerning, but I am giving them some leeway. We are on completely opposite time zones.

My Osaka host answered me fairly quickly and said he wasn’t planning to pursue a license so will have to cancel me. Bummer.

Let me just say how grateful I am that I decided to book everything so far in advance. I’m not being sarcastic either. Even with all these cancellations ongoing, booking early and then finding out about changes with the law as it happens is both (A) a learning opportunity into Japanese current events and politics, and (B) I have been able to swoop in and grab up rooms which WILL have a license. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for people going soon to suddenly have this happen to them before they are scheduled to depart.

The new Osaka location I was able to grab this time is within a short distance of Dotonbori, Namba station, Kuromon market, and Osaka Castle. Even the aquarium is just 30 minutes away by train. There is also a place for paid parking off-site, which was a huge draw. Jay and I plan to rent a car in Kyoto and drive to Osaka. This way, we can easily go on our tea farm tour and stop in Nara for a brief spell without fighting public transportation.

It’s a cute little place, that looks clean and has a nice location. That is really all we are after. I am glad to know our Kyoto and Osaka places are 100% in the clear for government approval. Now to just verify that our reservation in Tokyo will be secured…






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