Good AirBnB News!


Well…mostly good news.

Our Tokyo host has responded back and we are confirmed for our reservation. They are proceeding with getting the license and said we should not worry. I’m really pleased because I love the location. The closest thing I could find to it had a bunk bed instead of a double or two singles…which….was not something I was looking forward to.

Our old Kyoto reservation has processed, and we have gotten back the full refund and some AirBnB coupons for the hassle! This is the good news/bad news part. Good news: we received a coupon specifically to be used for an AirBnB experience! You may not be aware of this, but AirBnB offers hosts the opportunity to lead tours as well. It is not just home reservations.

We booked a tour called “Alternative Fushimi Inari Walking Tour” which we mentioned in this post.

The bad news is we also got a coupon for booking a new reservation within the year…..only….I already booked the two new locations I needed for Japan. Crap. I was so worried about others swooping in and grabbing up the reservations I wanted. I suppose this means we need to go on a mini weekend vacation here sometime in the beginning part of next year?


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