Social Media for the Traveller

There has been a delay in getting the next Kuidaore post out, which focuses on Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, and Minoh. I’ve realized Kyoto is a city where…I don’t know what I want to eat most! We plan to spend a decent chunk of time in Nishiki Market, but what restaurants we want to actually sit down at is another questions. I have been researching lately and found a few places that peak my interest.

Beyond that though, I also wanted to talk about social media. What social media do you use? What will help us reach our friends and family at home, and make them feel like they are with us on this fabulous trip?

I recently created a youtube channel for posting video on. Don’t worry – nothing is on it yet, so you aren’t missing much. I just thought it would be a simple way to dump video from our phone and share our thoughts at the end of the day. I will probably go back through and edit after we return. Expect only raw footage when we are there.

I have an instagram, which is also shown at the bottom of this blog. This will be a huge boon for transferring photos at the end of the day. I like the idea of decompressing in the evenings and removing all the excess from our phones. Don’t expect everything to be properly #hashtagged though. At least not until we get home and can sort through it all.

I don’t feel I really have a motivation to post on twitter so much, so I haven’t made an account. I feel like twitter confuses me? However, I also DO like the fact that twitter is something we could share short notes on. We will see though. The husbando may be in charge of that if we get one. How many people do we know who tweet though?

Really, I think doing all of this is a great way of sharing the trip, but I will also admit I REALLY want to make sure we have record of this. Jay and I are notorious for taking lots of photos and memories but never posting them or doing anything with them (*cough – our wedding – cough*). I don’t want this trip to be the same.

Side note: I SHOULD really look at posting our wedding photos for other people to also see…


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