Sitting in the Front Seat

We have some traction on a few of the things from our to-do list, so I wanted to do an update. A lot of the big items were taken care of early on in the planning stages. That’s why this blog started with a series of large post dumps to update everyone on what we’ve done so far. Right now though, we mostly have a series of smaller things we couldn’t do in advance.

We are going to AAA today to do a car rental from Kyoto to drop off in Osaka. While there, turn in the needed paperwork to get International Drivers Permits. I’m so excited to drive through Japan’s countryside!

I contacted AirBnB about one of my old bookings without the minpaku license as I had been having trouble getting a refund back. They reviewed the host’s and my conversations, and I will be contacted again shortly. I will be pleased when that is over and I can focus on the tours/locations we are actually going to.

On the education front, I am planning to sign up for some food photography classes on Skillshare this weekend, and go through some training with that. I also need to review my Japanese material. We haven’t had class in a while and I need to study up again. My next class is this coming Tuesday.

I will also try to review our itinerary here and make sure the timing on things is right. I want enough time for us to leisurely explore, but I want to keep things fairly well timed out. I want us to see as much as possible!



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